The emotional dilemma

I am immensely amazed by the books which can make me cry my heart out. The reason being that there are so few of them! I have great amount of respect for the writers who can bring out our emotions just by their words which may be fictional at times.

But when I look back at the books which made me cry,neither the situations in those books were that unique nor did the characters stand out too much. They were just like the situations we see in news or hear from varied sources in our daily lives. The characters sometimes were overly good but that was not the case with the books that made me emotional.

What I find surprising is that whenever we hear about mass bombings or anything tragedic in news, we may feel sorry for people but it is just a fleeting emotion. But these stories manage to break a piece of our hearts forever.

Indeed, we are really complex beings. We need whole 200-300 pages to feel the pain of strangers to cry but only a tear in the eyes of our loved ones is enough . This made me wonder, what would happen if that was not the case. If we could feel the pain of strangers the same way.

Of course, that would have lead to a world free of crime and evil things. But that world would be miserable too. Because if we could feel the pain of the whole world, how would we live. How would we laugh easily, knowing that somewhere a person is mourning the loss of their loved ones or somewhere a person has no food nor home. I think that’s why the God or whomsoever created this world, gave humans the gift of ignorance. Because if we cannot ignore the vast amount of pain in this world, we simply can’t live. That’s why intelligent people are the ones who are relatively more sad. Because they know too much about this hopeless world.

But again, what this world needs the most right now is empathy. Ignorance is a bliss and I agree with it but it would be great if we could reach a middle ground. If we can feel enough pain to help others within our capabilities. And if we can have enough ignorance to not let all this sadness affect us. That would have been a perfect recipe for a nice person but then again, not all people can be great cooks.

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  1. Markie Doczi says:

    I like your take on things! I also liked the length of your post, as I don’t always have time to sit and read long articles. Nice job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aditi says:

      Thank you Markie.I try really hard to not give in to the temptation and go on writing. Your appreciation means a lot.


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