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The castles, the wars, the unwavering heart, moments of helplessness, creeping their way from places so dark and I knew you were happy, I knew you were sad, but when I felt all alone, I found you in those hidden trails, in the forsaken crevices of my heart, emerging like aurora, I had never felt those butterflies, overfilling my soul with the urge to encompass these boundaries between fiction and the facts and live inside that dream, while you delicately guide me across your masterpiece, I need to listen more, why everything fell apart and why still the love remains, I never knew what love felt like but it must feel like admiring this art, to find my way across its heart and fancying to live here till forever falls apart.

16 Replies to “Aurora”

  1. Wow. This piece just blew me over!!! I can’t stop re-reading it. The standard this week has been ridiculously high, this challenge always brings out so many powerful pieces by amazing writers, but your poem stood out for me, because it simply wouldn’t let me go. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have chosen you as the next Poet of the Week for W3.

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      1. Hi, Aditi!

        Mazal tov (congrats!) on being selected as this week’s “Poet of the Week” for W3!

        Could you please email me as soon as possible at dvdbgmlny AT gmail dot com for further instructions?

        Thank you so much!



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